Short Stories

I love writing flash fictions and short stories as well as novels. You can read them in various places online and in paperback anthologies.

  • Am I Too Late? – Stories for Homes Anthology, 2013. All proceeds go to the housing and homelessness charity, Shelter. Get a copy here.
  • Playing Nurses – Number Eleven Magazine, 2013. Longlisted Fish Flash Fiction Prize 2012. FlashFlood, 2015. Read it here.
  • Progress – Flash Fiction Magazine, 2014. Longlisted Fish Flash Fiction Prize 2012. Read it here.
  • Fish in Tomato Sauce – Number Eleven Magazine, 2015. Longlisted Ink Tears Short Story Competition 2015.
  • Pregnant Women With Dogs Walk More – Hour of Writes Alternatives Anthology, 2015. Get a copy here.
  • Stained Red – 101 Words, 2016. Won Editor’s Choice Competition. Read it here.
  • Stop This – Flash Fiction Magazine, 2016. Read it here.
  • Purple with a Purpose – A Box of Stars Beneath the Bed National Flash Fiction Day Anthology, 2016. Get a copy here.
  • Gooseberry – Spelk Fiction, 2018. Read it here.
  • Burnt Umber – The Cabinet of Heed, 2018. Read it here.
  • Tree Man – Words for the Wild, 2018. Read it here.
  • Sunflowers – The Cabinet of Heed, 2019. Read it here.
  • The Pips Are Going – Lunate, 2019. Read it here.
  • What I Know – Ellipsis Zine, 2019. Read it here.
  • The Things That Love Does – STORGY, 2019. Read it here.
  • My 3-Week Relationship with a Fire-Eater – The Drabble, 2019. Read it here.
  • Vision in Orange – Shortlisted Flash500, June 2019. Virtual Zine, 2019. Read it here.
  • Jellie Bellies – The Drabble, 2019. Read it here.
  • Unstuck – Flash Fiction Festival ‘Three’ Anthology, 2019. Get a copy here.

I’m currently working on two short story collections, Pica and other stories and Flashes of Colour.