Mindfulness is an approach to living focused on remaining present in the moment. It encourages a more balanced approach to life where we respond thoughtfully to what arises rather than react impulsively.

The mindfulness movement as we know it today first emerged in the West in the 1970s but its roots lie in the East as part of Buddhist and Hindu philosophies, both of which have been followed by adherents for thousands of years. In Buddhism, mindfulness is centered in meditation practices while in Hinduism it is closely connected to yoga, which is considered a form of moving meditation. In both practices, focus on the breath is key. Both meditation and yoga have now been widely adopted in the West, but it is the Buddhist approach that has been at the heart of the development of modern mindfulness.

I have been practicing yoga since 2001 and meditation for around six years. In 2020, I also developed a daily qigong practice and have been studying Daoist and Buddhist teachings and philosophies. The combination of all three have enabled me to change my life and my mindset and I now healthier, happier and more balanced than I have ever been.

To share the transformative power of mindfulness with others I am currently training to be a Mindfulness Teacher and Counsellor. If you would like to receive information on my new Mindfulness Writing Course and Mindfulness Teaching/Counselling sessions, please complete the form below and I will send information when it is available. The writing course will launch in 2023 and the Teaching/Counselling sessions in 2024.